Kids Safety Above ALL.

UPDATE: 12/18 - The Tustin City Council unanimously voted to approve an alternate temporary homeless shelter location on Barranca/Tustin Ranch Road (the former Army Reserve near the District). This is a win-win for all concerned parents/family members/friends of Heritage Elementary School students AND for the local homeless population in need of food and shelter. Thank you, again, to all residents and to Tustin City Council Members who got involved. This would never have been accomplished without you. 

However, Legacy Residents, we are not done...

The City still has the option to approve the pending Jamboree Project low-income/shelter housing across from the Greenwood neighborhood and next to two apartment buildings on Warner/Tustin Ranch Road.  Again, this is another shelter added to our small area, that directly impacts the safety of the children in this neighborhood and nearby Victory Park. Councilmembers will discuss whether to approve this site in January/February. Please be ready to attend this meeting and sign up to speak! 

Stay tuned for details.


UPDATE: On 12/6, The Tustin City Council voted in favor of researching 2 alternate locations for its low-barrier emergency homeless shelter, and to STOP pursuing the former ATEP building (500 ft. away from our children at Heritage Elementary School). This is BIG NEWS for concerened Heritage parents and Tustin Legacy reisidents. 

THANK YOU to all who involved in fighting to protect our kids. Our voices have been heard. We are grateful that the Council recognizes the potential risk involved with placing a low-barrier shelter next to children.  However, our work is not done. 

Here's what needs to happen now:

  • We must attend the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 18th at 7:00pm (300 Centennial Way, Tustin) and ensure that they come through on their promise to select an alternate location.
  • We must continue to voice our concerns with the Jamboree permanent housing shelter projected to be built across from the Greenwood neighborhood and next to two apartment buildings on Warner/Tustin Ranch Road. Again -- this impacts the safety of the children in this neighborhood and nearby Victory Park. Councilmembers will discuss whether to approve this site in January/February. 

Our objectives remain the same:

1. No low-barrier homeless shelter next to Heritage Elementary School -- an alternate location is a MUST

2. No to the Jamboree housing project (a permanent shelter partially dedicated to chronically homeless with serious mentally illness) across from the Greenwood neighborhood, next to two apartment complexes, and Victory Park.

3. Alignment with Tustin City Council that Tustin Legacy will not be the only place in the city housing the homeless -- it is disproportionate, and unsafe for our community

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As a result of a proposed settlement from a federal lawsuit, Tustin has enacted plans to open a homeless shelter with 50 beds that must be up and running within 120 days.

Due to the very short time frame mandated by the court, and after a review of several sites, the City has selected a temporary location on the corner of Red Hill and Valencia -- just steps away from Heritage Elementary School.

This site is dedicated to providing resources to residents who do not want this to happen.  We believe that it is a safety risk to the children of Heritage Elementary School, and such a risk is unacceptable.

While many of the residents in Tustin Legacy agree the homeless issue needs to be addressed, we believe that the hastily chosen location of this shelter poses a risk to our children who attend Heritage Elementary School.

Please explore our site for more resources on how to help and check back for updates frequently.