Tustin City Leaders to Contact by Email

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General Email address

Chuck Puckett - Mayor

Alan Bernstein - Mayor Pro Tem

Letitia Clark - Council Member

Barry Cooper - Council Member

Austin Lumbard - Council Member

Tustin City Manager’s Office
(714) 573-3010

District Administration

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Gregory A. Franklin, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools
(714) 730-7305

Kathie Nielsen Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51309

Anthony Soria Chief Financial Officer
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51302

Charles Lewis, Ed.D. Chief Personnel Officer
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51338

Amy Lambert, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent, Special Education
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51336

Grant Litfin, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services
(714) 730-7370

Monique Yessian Student Services
714-730-7301 Ext. 51326

Maggie Villegas Director, Elementary Education (K-5)
714-730-7301 Ext. 5131

Mark Eliot Director, Communications and Public Information Officer

2018 TUSD Board of Education

Jonathan Abelove Member

Tammie Bullard:President

Lynn Davis Member

James Laird Vice President

Francine Scinto Clerk

Example Emails:

Example #1

I am writing as a concerned parent and resident of Tustin. I speak for many parents within the Heritage Elementary School community when I say that I was completely blindsided by this recent decision by the city place add a homeless shelter on the old ATEP campus. I am disappointed and angry that no input was obtained from the local community, Heritage School, and ATEP.  
I am an ER physician. On a daily basis, I see the struggles that homeless people encounter and the difficulties they come across when they do not have regular housing. I am fully in support of housing for the homeless in Tustin.  
However I strongly encourage the city council to halt this decision until more input is obtained from the community. Please do not alienate the residents who voted you into office and do your best to serve all members of this community in a fair way. A decision like this should not be made unilaterally. 
Example #2
Hi (Name),
I am one of many concerned parents directly affected by the recent announcement of the "temporary" homeless shelter moving to Tustin Legacy—and located steps away from my child's school, Heritage Elementary. While I support helping those in need, this is not the appropriate placement of such a facility (temporary or not)— a revolving door of people who might be mentally unstable, addicted to drugs, and unable to function in society. It’s thoughtless, and poses a risk to our kids. Not to mention, the soon-to-be Veteran's Park (located beside the school) will be a magnet for those who instead choose to sleep, use drugs, or loiter outside of the shelter during day time hours.
My neighbors and I strongly believe that the children and residents in this community were NOT considered when this decision was made; we have learned that there was a list of alternative options when it comes to relocating the “tent city” population. Surely there is a better location than steps away from children.
Please help us protect the children in this community by using your resources and influence to allocate an alternate location of this facility. 
Thank you.
Example #3 -- For School Board

Dear XXXX, 
My child currently attends Heritage Elementary School. I am concerned not only about the City’s plan to open a temporary emergency homeless facility at the former ATEP campus, but also with the TUSD’s tepid response regarding the potential risks this facility poses to the safety of Heritage’s children. 
In the October 29, 2018 message sent on behalf of the TUSD, Superintendent Frankin listed some measures that may keep the residents of the facility safe, but did not include any details about precautions that will be taken to ensure the safety of the neighboring community, particularly Heritage students. Will the 24-hour security and shelter staff monitor the area surrounding the facility? If so, how large of an area will they cover? According to an article in the Orange County Register, when Bridges at Kraemer Place opened, the Anaheim Police Department feared that the new shelter would become inundated with surrounding homeless. Has the City and the TUSD considered this possibility? Even if an increased police presence monitored the area, can you honestly say that this would make for a “positive learning environment at Heritage Elementary School”? Incidentally, the closest school, a high school, to the Kraemer facility is almost a mile away. Nearly two miles separates Kraemer from the nearest elementary school. 
We ask that you help us protect the students at Heritage by working with the City to find an alternative location for the emergency facility. There must be a better location than one in such close proximity to an elementary school. 

Thank you,

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